venerdì 8 luglio 2011

Windows 7 with latest nvidia drivers on Sony Vaio VGN FZ21M

This worked for me:

Download Thierry OWNZ's Windows 7 Ultimate edition (links) eventually using JDownloader
Burn, install and download Firefox.
Now, drivers for graphic card NVidia GeForce 8400M GT (as downloadable from NVidia site) don't install.
So we download the patched ones from LaptopVideo2Go. We download the video driver and the patched .inf file. Sobstitute the .inf file in the installation driver directory for a good-end driver installation on the Vaio.

After some time, the Genuine MS issue appears. To resolve it I downloaded and executed a remover. Follow instruction of the Doug's post


Remember to UNINSTALL FIRST!!!!!

To all those who think this doesn’t work, you’re not following the instructions: Here’s what to do.
Download the program and unzip it, click the read me file and look at the instructions, which are:
1. Open program and click “uninstall” button. Allow Windows to Reboot.
2. After rebooting, open tool and click “install” button. Allow windows to reboot. At this point you are only part way there and you will still see the genuine advantage notifications
3. Connect to the internet, type “activate” into windows start bar.
4. Your browser will open a window that points to the Microsoft windows genuine site.
5. You may receive a notification that Microsoft needs to install software to verify your system. Allow the software to download and run that software.
6. The next window in the browser will inform you that your software is genuine.
7. Reset your desktop background and go back to windows update to install all the latest updates.

And now all works!

With the new NVidia drivers I can try some WebGL experiment...

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